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Aprecia s.r.o. is an expert organization, registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic under the number 900249 in the list of expert organizations, subject field: Company economy and management, branch: Company valuation and assessment.

Expert organization

Aprecia – your partner for values

We provide expert’s reports, opinions, statements as well as other expert services in the area of valuation. Many years of professional experience of our members create the fundaments for our highly professional valuation services.

We have a countrywide coverage provided by our founding partners as well as our associated appraisers. In case of your interest you can contact us centrally and we shall subsequently organize the required experts, depending on the subject and location of the valuation assessment.

The company Aprecia s.r.o. has been established by a team of experts, offering their services in different fields of valuation and appraisal services, spanning from economy through civil engineering to road transportation and mechanical engineering. The establishment of the expert organization enables a mutual sharing of acquired knowledge and skills. Apart from the synergies, arising from the merger of knowledge within the organization, we are able to capitalize on the broad portfolio of contacts to renowned experts from various fields of expertise or other specialized services. Based on these facts, our organization is able to promptly react to diverse requirements for expert reports and statements, coming from our clients.

Our organization offers the services of expert report preparation for the following purposes:

  • assets acquisition by related parties (according to the article 59a of the Commercial Code),
  • valuation of a non-monetary contribution (company, part thereof or individual assets) to the company registered capital,
  • setting the amount of consideration for the purpose of a takeover bid in accordance with Article 114 paragraph (1) of the Act No. 566/2001 Coll. on securities and investment services,
  • property valuation for the purpose of standby credit establishment,
  • legal disputes - e.g. assessment of actual damages and lost profits,
  • appraisals for insurance claims,
  • expert reports for the execution, bankruptcy, liquidation and restructuring proceedings,
  • other purposes, according to client’s needs and subject circumstances.
Aprecia s.r.o.



Expert report aimed at the general value of company or part thereof.

Individual assets and liabilities

Expert report aimed at the general value of individual assets and liabilities:

  • intangible assets: know-how, licences, assets, which are subject to industrial property rights etc.
  • tangible assets: real estate, machinery, transportation means, receivables, inventory, securities and other types of assets,
  • liabilities: arising from daily business conduct, undertakings and third parties’ assumed debts, damages claims etc.

Actual damages and lost profits

Expert report aimed at the general value of actual damages and lost profits:

  • actual damage represents the decrease in property values of the affected subject due to a specific event,
  • lost profit represents the increase in property values of the affected subject which would have occurred unless a specific event happened.
More than 10 years of experience

Our team

Ing. Anton Hudzík

Expert – subject field: Economy and management, branch: Controlling, Finance

Expert in the subject field: Economy and management, industrial property. Mr. Hudzik mastered in finance, banking and investing at the Faculty of Finance of the Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica. He gained his professional experience working in the area of corporate banking and transaction financing. His skills include the management of trade finance products at Citibank Slovakia and HSBC Bank Slovakia, where he was responsible for the trade finance products in terms of their development, implementation, sales and execution. Apart from the expert activities, since 2009, he is also active in the field of corporate finance advisory.

Ing. Michal Vičan

Expert – subject field: Civil engineering

Mr. Vican has an extensive experience in the field of civil engineering, including construction projects planning, management and supervision. Since 2010, he is a certified appraiser in the field of civil engineering valuations. Mr. Vican has been our leading appraiser on many projects including valuation of civil engineering assets.

Ing. Andrej Lang

Expert – subject field: Road transportation and mechanical engineering

Mr. Lang is an expert in the area of machinery and mechanical engineering, with more than 20 years of experience in this field. Since 2011 he is also active in the area of valuations of road transportation and mechanical engineering equipment. Mr. Lang is the head valuer of Aprecia in the above-mentioned fields of expertise.

Our expert organization brings together experts from various industries, merging a wealth of experience in corporate finance, company valuation, the valuation of various asset liabilities classes, determination of incurred damages and lost profit as well as other subjects of expert services.

Benefits, references

Useful information

Many years of experience, professionalism, discretion and reliability...

If you are unsure about the subject or purpose of the appraisal, contact us, and we will be happy to provide you with a free consultation, determining the actual necessity, extensity, subject or purpose of an appraisal so that it can be actually usable for your undertakings.

According to the Act No. 382/2004 Coll. on experts, interpreters and translators, the expert is bound by confidentiality, regarding his assignments and the informations contained within, unless he is released from it by the client, the ministry or other legal act.

Respecting the above, we do not publicly disclose the identification data of our expert reports.

Generally speaking, our client base spreads from small entrepreneurs through middle-sized companies to market makers in their field of business.

Sector Subject
Industrial production Company valuation Non-monetary contribution to the registered capital
Retail License agreement valuation § 59 a) Commerc. Code - related parties transaction
Mining industry Mining company valuation Non-monetary contribution to the registered capital
Real estate Industrial park valuation Company sale
Real estate Business center valuation Company sale
Real estate Business center valuation Companies merger
Services Know-how valuation Legal dispute
Photovoltaics Photovoltaic power plant valuation Debt financing acquisition
Various Owners equity assessment Change of the legal form
Various Actual loss and lost profit assessment Legal dispute
Countrywide coverage

Contact information

Aprecia s.r.o.

Aprecia s.r.o.

Headquarters of the organization:

Miletičova 1
821 08 Bratislava
Slovak republic
IČO: 46 079 891

Tel: +421 903 991 150 E-mail: aprecia@aprecia.sk

By sending the form you agree with processing of personal data pursuant to Act n. 18/2018 of Legal Code of privacy protection and of alteration and addition of some Acts, for purpose and durance of arrangement of your request stated in the form. The agreement shall be revoked by writing at any time. Your data will not be accessible or provided to third parties.

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